What Makes an Effective Online Wellness Platform?

Companies are trying many things to educate and motivate their employees to live a healthier lifestyle.  Many companies are bringing coaches in-house, teaching cooking classes, and offering yoga, mindfulness, and fitness courses in the conference room.  These activities can be great not only for health benefits, but also for time management and team building.

Many employees, however, would like to be introduced to the elements of a healthy lifestyle online.  An employee may feel too embarrassed to get into workout clothing and learn something new in front of co-workers.  Going online can feel more safe and comfortable, and be more convenient.

Education is part of living a healthy lifestyle – the types of foods to eat, how much exercise to get, how to reduce stress, and how much sleep is needed to be your best.  These answers and much more can easily be answered through online wellness platforms that provide webinars and videos from experts in the field.

Key Factors to an Effective Wellness Platform:

  • Easy engagement with on-demand webinars that can be paused and re-watched.
  • Instructors that teach a step-by-step approach to improve the viewers’ lives.
  • Education on health topics such as stress management, work/life balance, nutrition, fitness, and illness prevention.
  • Tools that can be used to promote a healthy lifestyle such as worksheets, health apps, support groups, and blogs.
  • Methods that promote behavioral change.

The teaching tools that an online health and wellness platform can provide can be transformational.  Imagine your employees watching a webinar about starting a fitness program that utilizes small wins every day, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking further away in the parking lot.  Next, information is presented on how to progress to more long term goals — participation in a 5k run or committing to five 20-minute walks per week.  Lastly, for those who have unhealthy habits, step-by-step instructions are provided on how to obtain the skills needed to start their journey toward living a healthier lifestyle.  Online wellness platforms are a great tool for achieving these and countless other goals.